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        Location: Ravenna,Italy


        System capacity: 62 MW

        Completion time: 35 MW - Nov.2010; 27 MW - Aug.2011

        Mount typeGround-mounted

        TRE - Tozzi Renewable Energy

        Established in 2003 from the acquisition of the Tozzi Group’s renewable energy assets, TRE - Tozzi Renewable Energy is a leader in the management of renewable - able energy facilities (hydroelectric, wind, photovoltaic and biomass). As a pioneer in the field, TRE is in a position to provide all the elements necessary for the development of a plant: from sustainability analysis and assessment, to implementation and maintenance of the project. TRE - Tozzi Renewable Energy today employs over 40 staff.

        Italy’s first “Photovoltaic Farm Park”

        With the aim of utilizing local resources to produce sustainable energy, the TRE Group - Tozzi Renewable Energy has created Italy’s first “Photovoltaic Farm Park”. Located near the town of Sant’Alberto in the province of Ravenna, it numbers among the largest photovoltaic facilities in Europe in terms of size (90 hectares) and installed capacity (62 MW). Developed in 2 phases within the space of just 11 months (35 MW came on stream in November 2010 and the other 27 MW in August 2011), this park, which is the first of its kind in Italy, is fully integrated into a large sheep farm. The sheep are even able to graze under the solar panels, thus helping to maintain the farmland and keep down the grass which would otherwise have to be removed mechanically. Alongside its livestock farming activities, the company Solar Farm (co-owner of the facility with TRE), has established a dairy business, aimed at marketing the products.

        "One of Jinko's strengths certainly lies in being present on the market as a fully integrated supplier (from production of the wafer to the finished panel), as well as in its advanced production capability Our collaboration was profitable and decidedly positive, and we did not hesitate in choosing Jinko for the extension of the faclilty in August 2011."

        Marco Alessandra 

        TRE's Head of Communications



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