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            Location: Istres, France

            PartnerGlobal Renewable Energy Advisors S.A.

            System capacity: 10 MW

            Number of panels: 55,224 pieces

            Carbon Emission Reduced13,000 tons

            澳门凯旋门网址游戏 Powers World’s Largest Greenhouse in France

            One of the world’s largest greenhouses installed with the Jinko solar modules was connected to the grid in Istres, France. Located on a land area covering 24 hectares and powered by 55,224 澳门凯旋门网址游戏’s 190watt monocrystalline panels, this 10MW size project marks one of the biggest roof mounted photovoltaic greenhouses on the planet.

            In addition to satisfying the electricity needs of the greenhouse, which is only a small slice of the big pie, the most part of the electricity generated by the PV system will be fed into the national grid, powering 5,000 French homes and preventing over 13,000 tons of carbon emissions every year from fossil energy resources. Given Istres’s abundant sunlight, solar is expected to comprise a substantial share of its future energy portfolio.

            “We are pleased that this ground breaking greenhouse will be powered by 澳门凯旋门网址游戏 panels. For many years to come, we will be able to reap the benefits of clean, green solar energy, which built a good example for other agriculture businesses. We believe in the potential of solar to become a cost-effective energy as well as a profitable solution. It is my hope that this installation will encourage further solar adoption throughout agriculture businesses in Europe.”

            Régis WEILER

            Managing Director of Global Renewable Energy Advisors S.A.


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